B i o g r a p h y

                     HUMPHREY                                       DANNY                                                   GUTZE

Back in 1984 Gutze Gautschi (CH)(guitare/keyboards) founder of the group Fresh Color was looking for some good musicians he came across Humphrey Robertson(GB) (composer and singer) and Danny Amsler(CH) (Drumer and percussion specialist) after a winter session in the studio they recorded there first single DISCO FUTURE. In Febuary/March of that year they went on a Disco Tour to get the response of the public....it was big and it did not take long and they were booked by agency's with the top acts of that time Fancy, Fun Fun, Scotch, Sandra etc.  In May and june 1985 Fresh Color released a new single SING WITH ME TONIGHT and started a 55 city tour in Germany with Italo Disco Queen Valerie Dore, they also made guest appearances on Music Box (MTV) European-wide. After this tour Fresh Color Released there first Album NIGHTDREAMS and the follow up single D.J.Track Vol.1. After this Fresh Color did not release any more song's. Gutze and Humphrey went into producing other acts. Now almost 15 years later Fresh Color have been asked to do some live show's. Also some material will be released soon.!!!! Check out tour dates for more info . 



Email: info@fresh-color.ch